D Magazine Neighborhood Guides

D Magazine Neighborhood Guides
August 24, 2015 Saint Systems

D Magazine Neighborhood Guides

Telling the story of Dallas one neighborhood at a time. D Magazine’s neighborhood guides are meant to serve the local as much as the newcomer.

Flexible Templates

56 neighborhoods and growing, the D Magazine Neighborhood Guides use real-time data, editorial voice, and a photographic eye to capture the spirit of each community in Dallas. However, not every neighborhood is the same. The templates allow the editor to include as much or as little information as necessary to convey the neighborhood’s story.

Real-Time Data

We use several sources of data to tell the story of each neighborhood. We built a custom API for the D Magazine directories, integrate MLS real-estate listings, resident demographics from Nielson, and import real-time, open-source police incidents from the Dallas Police Department.

Editorial Voice

It’s not all about the numbers though. We hired several photographers to communicate the essence of each and every neighborhood we feature. It was important to capture the community at a glance, or allow the reader to deep dive into the fine details of each neighborhood.